In this Video Lecture Professor Fink first reviews 7 Types of Adverse Drug Reactions, including Toxic (“over dose”) Reactions, Adverse (“side”) Reactions, Local …


18 thoughts on “ADVERSE DRUG REACTIONS by Professor Fink

  1. Thank you very much professor fink….I find your lectures very interesting and helpful….where can I find all your lecture notes please?….I would be very grateful if you are able to respond…thank you!

  2. Dear Professor Fink
    I would like to express my admiration to the neatness of your Videos , Teaching Skills , The Analogy that use and Sense of humor that you have with your students. You are the only reason that kept me in preparing for my National Board Dental Exam Part 1 after I almost gave up when I was studying the Embryology Material until I came across your video that gave me hope again and decided to watch all your Videos that helped a lot in grasping the Basic Science Materials and passing that exam. Now I am preparing for Part 2 in that NBDE and once again I am watching your Pharmacology Videos that is again helping me a lot. Your Videos to me are like Netflix or even more better. YOU MAKE DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE'S LIVES PROFESSOR FINK. Thanks for just being you.

    All the best in your Career with love and Respect from Canada.

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