Best Drugs to Stock in a Prepper Home Pharmacy

A well-stocked prepper home pharmacy ensures that you will not need to run out to the store to purchase a medication when you are feeling under the weather …


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  1. It’s frustrating (though understandable) that you can’t stockpile drugs that cause dependence considering the severe consequences that will come about when your prescription becomes useless.

  2. I stored 2 pots of marijuana plant they're about 2 and a half feet tall for medicinal use only and 2 pots of wild lettuce plants for pain relievers. Antibiotics? I'm not sure If they're gonna work well! since we now have antibiotic resistant bacteria, but just in case I have some boxes of Amoxicillin capsules (500mg each!) for some infections, streps, cold and flu,, and some boxes of an old school Penicillin Viles and sterile Syringes for deep cut wounds and gunshot wounds. I still don't have some of those meds that's been mentioned in this video. Although I'm still gonna need those all I have is a pairs of Bio Masks

  3. in the UK NHS, my father has prescriptions for three months (Diabetes). With Boris "Get Brexit Done" Johnson as Prime Minister, I have advised him to see about getting at least Six months for an emergency.

  4. You don’t sound like well informed preppers if you think a doctor would actually weigh pros and cons about tamiflu with you. Maybe one might, but seriously, doctors are the worst people to talk to about these things. Their job is to sell pharma products, not helping you make any kind of informed decision.

  5. All of the medications you listed can be made using herbs, common plants and trees!!! Education is the key to retaining your health. learn what your ancestors knew about curing medical problems. Modern doctors just think they know everything. They don't, if they did they wouldn't prescribe chemical medications that are laced with harmful dangerous side effects.

  6. If you want medication after SHTF I would suggest learning and growing your own herbs. You can treat almost every condition known to man using herbal medicine! Herbal medicine has been around far longer than "modern" medicine ever will be! When society is no more herbalist will be in high demand again to treat everything from cancer to the hick ups. And Herbs can treat these problems without the side effects caused by using big pharmas unnatural chemicals!!! Look it up and find out for yourself. What I'm saying IS true.

  7. I store the usual generic versions of non-prescription tablet pain killers and antihistamines in my emergency supply closet as well as some of those large stick-on patches for back pain and muscle strain. I also store bismuth tablets (such as Pepto-Bismol) not only for their anti-diarrheal action but also because if taken shortly before meal time they can also help prevent the development of some food borne illnesses if the meal was prepared under less than clean conditions (a travel medicine MD recommended I do this back when I did a lot of foreign travel). I'm thinking that during an emergency situation when people are trying to use up frozen or refrigerated food before it goes bad, they may misjudge the safety of some of that food and need some bismuth tablets before mealtime.

    I keep a supply of fruit-flavored menthol cough drops to help with coughs due to colds or sinus allergy flair-ups. For those irritating nighttime coughs when someone is recovering from a cold, I keep in storage an extra jar of Vick's Vapo-rub (at bedtime rub on soles of feet then put on clean socks). I also have a set of single-use packs of burn gel cream in case someone gets a minor burn or scald when cooking in the kitchen or on the back yard grill. For minor sunburn, I store some plastic bottles of aloe vera gel plus I am growing aloe vera plants in my back yard.

    To help prevent acid reflux, heart burn and associated problems for people who have difficulty with spicy or fatty foods or those Italian dishes with lots of tomato sauce or paste, my secret ingredient is to put in a generous amount of dried parsley along with the usual herbs when preparing such foods. The parsley does not have much of a taste yet seems to help prevent or lessen indigestion for those who tend to need antacids after a meal and may not be able to get more antacids during an emergency. I keep a gallon size container of dried parsley flakes bought from a restaurant supply store in the kitchen pantry and it will last us about a year because we make most of our meals at home rather than eating out.

    I also keep packets of oral rehydration mix as part of my first aid and self-care supply and have the recipe for homemade rehydration mix taped to the inside of the door to the supply closet just in case. Antibiotic gels do not have a long shelf life, so as a back-up, I also store raw honey to put on minor cuts or open blisters (not for infants, toddlers or anyone with a weakened immune system). I do have a variety of veterinarian versions of different types of antibiotics for more serious injuries and illnesses, but would only use them under the advice of a physician or dentist. I have a couple of dental emergency kits, just in case someone breaks a tooth or loses a filling or dental crown and cannot get to the dentist for help. I have a supply of potassium iodide tablets for all my household members just in case of a radiation release from a nuclear energy plant because I know these will be impossible to get in the event of news reports of an actual radiation release. And, of course, I have lots of bars of Ivory soap, hand sanitizing alcohol gel, N-95 face masks, disinfecting wipes, Lysol spray and bleach tablets to use if we are sheltering in place while a bad strain of the flu or some other easily transmitted illness is in the community and we need to take extra measures to keep germs at bay.

  8. Aspirin is not a blood thinner but it does prevent the clotting of blood. Potassium Nitrate USP used for meat preservation can be used as a blood pressure medication as a last ditch option and was once used before better drugs became available.

  9. Wow, Great video!!! I have been prepping for a couple of years. I feel confident with my light/fire, food, and home defense,… BUT am seriously lacking in this category. (I was kind of embarrassed of my video on the topic). After watching this, I feel that I am on the right track. I have a long way to go, but am heading in the right direction. 🧐 Thank you guys. 👍🏼 Subscribed.

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