Company jacks up the price for life saving allergy medicine by 450%

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19 thoughts on “Company jacks up the price for life saving allergy medicine by 450%

  1. i can no longer carry an epi pen it is too expensive and i do not have insurance. I have an allergy to seafood. So i finally decided to not eat out anywher that has seafood on the menu. oh and they are only good for one year.

  2. important fact about this comp. if your pissed then you need to send a letter to Senator joe manchin of WV. it's his daughter
    did this, she is CEO, an where is the senator on this silent , give him a lot emails

  3. this is absolutely fucked up.. this shit is ridiculous.. what the fuck america. the fuck is wrong with all of you? does your entire country lack basic moral principles? why cant anything good ever come from your stupid country? its always something that stresses me out, makes me hate you as a nation and puts strain on my relationships with my few american friends [i found a few good ones, its nice, theyre good people and i hope i can find more. but thats tricky, seeing as republicans and conservatives look like normal people too. and honestly.. they seem way to common..] maybe you guys dont see it, but like someone below pointed out, as an empire, your country is crumbling. and its eating itself. it has been for a long time, slowly getting worse and worse as you give more and more leniency to conservative voters and their twisted, hateful desires. your country is going to break into a civil war, with blacks, latinos and all the liberals and decent people trying to fight for a atleast basic life with basic human rights, and republicans, neo nazis and conservatives trying to take control and form a totalitarian police state. good luck.

  4. The name brand Daraprim in Mexico goes for $10.00 dollars a box of 30 tabs, in other words, $0.33 American CENTS a pill!…and the company GlaxoSmithKline is still making a profit! A side note: The majority of pharmacy chains in Mexico offer an additional 20% discount on ALL medication!

  5. Sodium dexamethasone achieves basically the same results as epinephrine, and in Mexico, costs about $1.45 dollars a shot(under name brand), and about 60 cents a shot(in generic)! Betamethasone phosphate also obtains the same results as epinephrine and cost about $12.20 dollars a shot(under name brand) and $2.06 dollars a shot(in generic).

  6. A little known medical secret, from a licensed practitioner abroad.  Almost all medication(including epinephrine) has a shelf life of 5 years from the date of production!, NOT one year! This is a commercial scam, to keep buying and replacing useful medication so the pharmaceutical companies do not see a dip in their profits!

  7. Fuck the US medical scam! Start buying medication abroad(Mexico, Canada or the EU). Health care abroad(including consultation & medication) costs LESS than the deductible in the USA!…and yes, this is coming from a physician and US citizen practicing abroad!

  8. Well thank god we have a single payer public health insurance here in Germany. The goverment keeps big pharma at bay because they know they lose votes if the prices for medicine go up to much.

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