How to Get Rid of Itchy Eyes – 5 Tips for Itchy Eyes Allergy Relief

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20 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Itchy Eyes – 5 Tips for Itchy Eyes Allergy Relief

  1. Omg my eye lids burn & swell i have started using lid scrub from today occusoft you mentioned on your other video , hope it helps .My allergy usually starts from my mid forehead & spreads to my eyelid and then my cheek & mouth area .
    At start of spring i was relieved that i m not going out so free from allergy but actually its gone worse its freaking every day now i m itching as typing it feels hot to touch & the rashes are scaly & raised i fee likel dying i already took antihistamine but still not helping i wish i knew the cause of it my doctor says its contact dermatitis but my tests came back negative 🥺😞😭

  2. Sir, I mostly suffer from lump on the eyelid.. Every once in a month from a year approx.. Nd because of this.. It results in causing dandruff on my eyelashes nd my eyelashes are falling too day by day… Sir plzz can u suggest me a good remedy!?

  3. Under my eye is having red in color on both sides the impact is there joining my eyebrows too so give some advice to get rid off this issue thank you sir

  4. Allergic to pollen tree pollen green dust symptoms i have is ruuny nose stuffy itchy red watery eyes i had try to flush the eye with water it stops the itching sort of always have to hide in my house can't even come outside when there is pollen

  5. My right eye looks f*cked up. The skin is dry, itchy, red and bloody around it. I never had it before. I can't go to doctors during quarantine. Please, help!

  6. Doctor, my eyes are extremely itchy and I am allergic to pollen , I've been worried about it and even after I apply eye drops it still keeps itching. I've been avoiding pollen all quarantine. Any other tip?

  7. My eyes are so bad it feels like there is something in my eyes and I put eye drops they dont work take meds it dont work the only thing that works is if I close my eyes or take a nap it happens 20 times a day

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