Inhaler Users' Biggest Mistakes

Many people who take medicine for asthma and other lung disease patients are using inhalers incorrectly, new studies show. WSJ’s Sumathi Reddy explains on …


20 thoughts on “Inhaler Users' Biggest Mistakes

  1. This was a waste of 3 minutes – no info. provided … one lady overly perky, the other lady as if she just woke up from 9 hours of sleep.  PLUS, they don't mention the REAL reason why enough medicine doesn't get to the lungs – the propellant.  When environmental whackos made everyone change to HFA inhalers, that did it.  The old school inhalers were WAY better.  As if asthmatics are going to ruin the ozone.

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  3. One of the worst videos I have seen. 1. Talking too fast. 2. not being specific pointing out the mistakes. 3. Not showing how to use it properly. (May be the persons never new as to how to use it properly). Overall extremely bad.

  4. i have C O P inhaler just gos to my throat and it burns. and gives me a dry mouth..ive tried all ways to take it..but it just does not go into the lungs.

  5. What about cleaning ? I know people who don’t even clean it xD I do it every week :) didn’t know ppl forgot to shake doe . Gg on video that wasn’t really anything . God bless everyone

  6. You spend all this time yakking it up about procedure and the mistakes people made but you give no demonstration of the proper technique, that makes this video worthless.

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