Loratadine 10 mg Side Effects

Discussion of side effects of loratadine 10mg dosage. Talk about it is best to avoid loratadine and alcohol. Also, second generation antihistamines are less likely …


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  1. I am age 70. I have to cut the pill in half for a 5 MG dose. A daily dose of 10 MG builds up in my system and overdoses me and I develop kidney and bladder irritation. This is very common in individuals over 65. The older adult does not always exit this drug from their body every 24 hours.

  2. Help please i am having all the seriouse reactions side all of them i was eating loratadin since i was 10 if i stop i snize for long time nonstop i have go to the doctor bur they also give me the same medicine

  3. the stimulant response very slow compare to cetirizin,ctm, and rhinosr. the side effect takes 3-4 hours to makes people feel drowsiness and heavy fatigue. which means it better consume before sleep to prompt full recovery.

  4. In Ireland many many doctors put me through a ton of different allergy medication plus lorat 10mg for what they call chronic 'Rhinitis''' and nothing worked just made it worse. However I had this gut feeling – '' so reptile instinct'' I had to go somewhere hot; I moved to the Philippines and BAM no allergies which makes no sense if it is – allergies? ? as many tropical flowers and trees all around me and to make it stranger; insane crazy pollution YET I breath with no problems I can walk in the jungle anything, swim workout which had become pretty much impossible in Ireland. Then I went back to Ireland And within one week I had problem again so got the hell back to the jungle. p.s. Not joking or anything like that.

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